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Tyler Alexander Water/Sewer Compliance Specialist

PO Box 1748 Gastonia, NC 28053



Automotive & Washing Establishment Permit Application

This form is to be completed by an Authorized official of your firm, as defined in the Sewer Use Ordinance. 

An Authorized official is defined as a person responisble for the principle business decisions of other policy decisions for the facility. 

Failure to submit this form may result in enforcement action in accordance with the City of Gastonia/Two Rivers Utilities and Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Ordinance.

Section I

Contact Information

Business Physical Address

    Owner Mailing Address

      Does your Automotive and/or Washing establishment have a connection with the City of Gastonia/Two Rivers Utilities Sewer System?

      Section II

      Describe the type of business your company conducts. (Select all applicable)

      Please upload the Safety Data Sheet (SDS/MSDS) for each cleaning agent used.

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      Section III

      Is an Outdoor Recycle Bin or Internal Tank & Pump System used?

      If yes, which one?

      Is any water discharged into the Storm Water system?

      Is your wastewater treated prior to discharge into the City of Gastonia/Two Rivers Utilities sanitary sewer system?

      Please describe the system (select all applicable).

      Is bio-remediation technology (liquid or powdered bugs or enzymes) practiced and added to the drainage system, Oil and/or Grit Interceptor, or to any wastewater discharged to the City sewer system?