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The Salvation Army

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Emergency Rental Payment Assistance Application

The Salvation Army and the City of Gastonia have partnered to provide financial support to residents of the City who are in need of rental payment assistance. Applicants seeking assistance must meet the following qualifications to receive financial support through this program:

  • Reside within the city limits of the City of Gastonia.
  • Have been negatively impacted due to the loss of income as a result of COVID-19. Documentation of this loss of income will be requested.
  • Should meet income eligibility and qualify as a low-to-moderate income household based on the Area Median Income.

By meeting these qualifications and supplying the needed information and documentation within this application, the Salvation Army will do it's best to assist you in a timely manner.

This program can provide up to $1,500.00 per month for rental assistance, which will paid directly to the landlord or rental agency. This program may assist qualified applicants with arrearances (past due payments), and up to three 'consecutive' monthly payments after the arrearances have been paid.


Tell us about you:

Full Name

Current Mailing Address

Residence Address

Date of Birth


1)  When you apply at the Salvation Army for assistance, we record the names, birth dates, social security numbers, and addresses of everyone in your household.  It is your responsibility to provide this information and any other documentation we deem necessary to make a decision about your request.

2)  This information may be shared with other organizations and service providers in our community.  Organizations that we coordinate services and resources with include, but are not limited to, Gaston County Dept. of Health and Human Services, the United Way of Gaston County, Crisis Assistance Ministries, and area churches.

3) In order to help you, we may also need to contact your landlord, mortgage holder, utility company, Oil Company, employer, or any other resource providers for any reasonable purpose to help make a decision about your application and resolve your crisis.

4) If you contact a church or other organization for help, either now or in the months to come, that church may call the Salvation Army to verify your situation.  By signing below, you give us permission to share information in your file with that church or organization.

5) I understand that by signing below, I am giving the Salvation Army permission to obtain information pertaining to my household from the Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services.

6) The Salvation Army reserves the right to refuse its services (both now and in the future) to anyone under or appearing to be under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs, displaying a rude and/or threatening behavior or to any person who gives false, fraudulent, or misleading information to the Salvation Army for the purpose of obtaining assistance.

7) I certify that all information submitted/provided on this application is correct, to the best of my knowledge.You have the right not to permit us to share any information with the organizations, businesses, and resources listed above, however, if you choose not to sign this Consent and Release Form, the Salvation Army cannot help you.

This Consent and Release Form is valid for two years from the last date signed.  If you wish to revoke this consent and release, please contact our office.

*I authorize the Salvation Army to provide information to the above stated agencies and resources for the purpose of verifying information, determining the amounts required, committing funds, and paying bills in order to act on my application and in response to other organizations which I have approached for help.

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The Income Self-Certification form can be downloaded from the following web site:

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Applicant's Most Recent Form W-2 (Upload File Here)

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Copy of Current Lease Agreement (Upload File Here)

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Copy of Account Ledger from Landlord (Showing Current Rent Due) (Upload File Here)

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(If Applicable) Applicant's Most Recent Tax Return (Upload File Here)

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