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Existing Service Locations - If a property manager currently or previously has had service in their name for a particular location, very limited information is required to connect or disconnect services.

New Service Locations - If a property manager has recently acquired a new property to manage, more detailed information is required to establish new utility service, pursuant to Gastonia City Code Section 14-16.  Regardless of the number of other accounts or properties with current utility services, you will be asked to complete an application, provide proof of ownership for the property, proof of property management authority and proper identification for the person making application. 

For your convenience, all information and supporting documentation can be submitted securely online.

Customer Account Information

Business Owner's Name

Service Location Information

Please enter Service Start or Stop Date - service is only available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Please allow 2 business days for processing.

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Service Location Address

Mailing Address for monthly utility bill and other correspondence:

Property Owner's Name(s)

Please upload purchase agreement or other proof of ownership for the address where services are being requested.

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Property Management Authorization

Pursuant to City Code Section 14-16(l) which states "Property Managers, acting on behalf of an owner to establish and maintain services, must provide proof of authorization to manage each location where services are established at the time of application on a form acceptable to the city."

Click here to access a sample form that may be completed then printed for signature.  Or to provide your own form or documentation, please make sure it includes the following information:

  • Service Location Address
  • Owner Name(s)
  • Property Manager Name or Company
  • Agent or Applicant Name
  • Effective Date
  • Signatures and Dates for both parties

Please upload Property Management Authorization here:

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Identity Information

Below is required information that is pertinent to establishing, or being an authorized user of, a utility account with the City of Gastonia or Two Rivers Utilities.  This information is considered by the City of Gastonia to be confidential and is encrypted to keep it separate from other basic account information, which may be placed on public record for the purposes of collecting a debt.  In accordance with the Identity Theft Protection Act, as shown below, it is unlawful to place certain identifiable information on documentation that may be placed on public record.

Applicant Name

Please upload below a clear image of your U.S. government issued photo identification or completed, signed and notarized Identity Verification Form below.  

Acceptable forms of identification include driver's license, passport, identification card, military ID, permanent resident or resident alien card.  Employer work badges or personal photos cannot be accepted.

If you need to access the Identity Verification Form to print and complete, click here:  

There is a 250MB limit on each attachment.

Upload Photo ID or Identity Verification Form Here

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Online Utility Exchange provides City of Gastonia credit and past utility information to determine the amount of the deposit required. Deposit amount depends on information furnished by Online Utility Exchange and can be waived if Online Utility Exchange qualifies the rating.  If a deposit is required, this amount must be paid in full before utility service is supplied to the location.  This deposit is non-transferable, non-interest bearing, and will not be considered as part payment of any bill where service is continued.  Proof of ownership or a copy of your lease must also be provided at the time of application.

The City of Gastonia asks that individuals provide your Social Security number and business entities provide your federal tax identification number as a part of your application for utility service.  The request for an individual customer’s Social Security number or an entity’s Federal Taxpayer Identification Number is authorized by Section 105A-3(c) of the North Carolina General Statutes.  Individual Social Security numbers and business federal tax identification numbers collected by the City’s Billing and Customer Service offices may be used to check credit worthiness for purposes of establishing the amount of required deposit, to confirm identity of the customer, by means of matching the number with information found in the City’s databases, or to determine whether the customer qualifies for additional services such as payment arrangements or online account access. They may be released to the State of North Carolina for use in the Debt Setoff program or other governmental agencies or their agents.  It may also be released to private debt collection agencies for the purpose of collecting debts owed to the City.  Access to personal information such as identification, Social Security number and bank account information are only accessible by authorized City personnel for purposes outlined above and general account maintenance.

If any individual decides not to provide their Social Security number as part of your application, you will still be provided utility services.  However, you will be required to apply in person, pay a deposit for utility services and certain services offered as a courtesy by the City of Gastonia, such as payment arrangements and online services, may not be available to you.

I hereby make application for utility services with the City of Gastonia/Two Rivers Utilities at the service location indicated above and certify that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  In requesting utility service, I accept full responsibility for any charges, fees, penalties or other obligations incurred by this account, regardless of service location.  I also agree to abide by all present and future rules and regulations of the City of Gastonia that may apply to my utility service. 

Click here for additional rules and regulations in Gastonia City Code Chapter 14 - Utilities


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