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City of Gastonia Planning Department

PO Box 1748 Gastonia, NC 28053

Submittal Form for a Zoning Verification Letter Request

This is the submittal form only. 

Instructions on how to apply for a Zoning Verification Letter is at:

Note: Do not include multiple parcels in your application. Each parcel must be a separate application with a correlating submittal form.  

I hereby request that the zoning for the property described in this application be verified.

Visit for a list of uses is located in Section 7.5 - Pre-existing Lots of Record, Table 7.1-1 Table of Uses


Is this request for current (existing) use or proposed (new) use of property?

Has the property been vacant for more than a year?

By signing below, you understand what the City of Gastonia's Zoning Verification Letter (ZVL) verifies, the requirements for a ZVL, the disclaimer, and that it may take up to 21 calendar days for a ZVL to be processed and that failing to provide all required documentation will result in a delay of processing the request.  

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