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Gastonia Fire Department

260 N Myrtle School Rd, Gastonia Nc 28052

(704) 869-1919

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  • Only those individuals approved by the Chief or Fire Department or his designee may participate in this Program.​
    • The on-duty Battalion Chief’s may approve or deny any request to participate in the Ride Along Program on weekends, Holidays, or after 1700 hrs.


  • A participant must sign a RELEASE & WAIVER OF LIABILITY FORM.


  • A participant cannot act as a Firefighter or Agent of the Fire Department.


  • All Departmental Rules & Regulations pertaining to firefighters in fire vehicles will apply to participants.


  • A participant is not allowed to possess ANY weapon while participating.


  • A Fire Officer may terminate the right of an individual to participate at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by the supervisor.


  • A participant is limited to ride-along only one time in a six-month period.  This may be waived by the Fire Chief for any reason deemed appropriate.


  • A participant must dress appropriately.  No shorts, sandals, other fire department shirts, etc. are allowed.


  • The on-duty Battalion Chief will assign the participant to the appropriate or necessary fire vehicle.


  • Participants may be rejected from the Program for any reason deemed appropriate, including but not limited to criminal history, reputation, motives, etc.


  •  Below, please give a brief description of why you are interested in doing a ride-along.

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